Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Striptastic Vest

Sorry I have been MIA. I got my new Wolf Pup on Saturday and am in heaven! I am even working on an improvised twill pattern right now...

About the vest: I decided that I needed a sweater vest and nothing I was finding online was doing it for me. So I improvised this design. I frogged two beautiful projects that weren’t being worn or used and repurposed them into this stripe-happy vest that I will surely wear. Even if it isn’t quite as lovely as the others were :(.

The unique striping pattern is somewhat arbitrary but mostly a unique result of using the Noro Taiyo. Fab yarn! Overall, I am pleased.

PS. Sorry about the dim photos. That is the best we could do this late in the day. I will post new pics of 4-shaft projects soon. Gotta capture them in the daylight.

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