Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Year of Holidays (at least) what I probably would have to give up to be the recipient of this fabulous necklace.

Mama necklace by Tali Gillette found at the Giving Tree


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Valentine

So I am taking so long to tell you about this because A) I wanted to try at least a few first and B) I wanted to be sure that no bout of food-borne illness resulted from this gift.

When my husband said "Buy yourself something nice from etsy for Valentines Day" I was (believe it or not) at a loss. That is, until I remembered that I had had a hankerin' for these cupcakes! The lot of 6 contained: Cookoo for Coconut, All that Jazzberry, Meet me at the Coconut Cabana, Berry Berry Dark, and Fat Daddy's Favorite PB&J Sammich.

I only have two left, and so far Berry Berry Dark and Cookoo for Coconut are my favorites. They are super-duper rich, these cupcakes aren't for someone who is looking for light and fluffy sweetness. These are dense, bold, thick, and well, rich!

Kudos to Nicole of Fat Daddy Bake Shop. You bake a mean cupcake, girl!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Although I Do Not Drink Tea...

I love teapots, I love the motif, and also the supposed healing properties of a cup of tea and the ritual that goes along with it. This print arrived in the mail yesterday from etsy seller BrowningtonForest. I absolutely love it! I cannot wait until it is framed and hanging in my Kitchen.

So Much Tea So Little Time...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

MG Part II

So here it is: Still at a loss as to what else constitutes universal Mommy Gear (aside from aspirin and ziploc bags) here are your nursing cover-ups.

Although there is some controversy over the name "Hooter Hiders," I actually own and have used this cover-up by Bebe au Lait. Stylish, affordable and available in a variety of colorful patterns, in cotton, silk, or organic linen. But I must admit that it doesn't breathe all that well in warmer weather and is a bit, shall we say, flimsy in the breeze...still works, though. ($35-42)

This one is seriously called the Slurp & Burp! Double-layered and appears to be a bit less cumbersome and perhaps more secure than the "Hooter Hiders". ($36)

This Hot Sling baby carrier is not technically a nursing cover-up, but it can double as one if used to carry a very small baby, and of course with the appropriate nursing apparel. Again, this product is one that I both own and have used. It is very easy and comfortable, but alas my son never took to it. Available in a number of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Even in reversible and organic hemp styles. ($48-60).

And lastly, for those of you who are committed to supporting handmade, I found this custom nursing cover from etsy seller Lollipopdesigns. It appears to be based on more or less the same sort of design as the "Hooter Hiders." Again, a variety of fabrics are available to choose from. ($19.99)

Did I miss your favorite style or brand? Tell me about it; leave a comment.