Thursday, January 24, 2008


Of all the uncommon, unique and unusual items to be found on etsy "edibles" seems the most unusual to me. I know that it isn't entirely unheard of to purchase items to eat on the web, but buying home baked goods through a handmade website seems a little risky to me.

That said, I have been DROOLING over the images and descriptions for Fat Daddy Bake Shop's goodies. With names like "Cookoo for Coconut" "PB and J Sammich" and "All that Jazzberry Strawberry" I don't know how much longer I can resist. And as you can imagine, the descriptions make these lovelies sound even more irresistible.

They are not cheap; at 6.50 a pop. So buying more than one would be taking a risk for me...What would you do? I would be interested to hear from others on your feelings about or experiences with buying "edibles/perishables" online.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hi everybody. Sorry I am so late getting to Mommy Gear Part II. The reason for that being that I am stumped! So far I have nursing cover ups...beyond that everything seems either too gender or age specific (to the baby that is). Any ideas???

If not you will see some great nursing cover ups soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Want to Share my Booty

In the interest of sharing amazing and unique handmade finds, I managed to snag a treasury on etsy filled with great stuff. Come and see it before it expires:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mommy Gear Part I

Although I have limited experience as a mom, the past year and four months have taught me about the importance of being prepared for any situation while having zero expectations at the same time. Being a mom on the go is kind of like surviving the wild with a pack on your back. You need to learn to be bold, shameless and adaptable.

But who says that you have to look like you're surviving the wild?

Here are a few excellent Mommy Gear finds for your perusal:

Diaper Bags

DwellStudio Baby Diaper Tote in Charlotte from Design Public

Serendipity bag by 2 Red Hens

Diaper Backpack in UFO by Jane Marvel

The Ultimate Diaper Bag by Posh Baby

Fleurville Yellow Seedpod Escape Pod (For the minimalist) at

Now if you are like me, you never really got over your college days where everyone sported an overstuffed backpack. You most likely tote around an over-sized diaper bag filled with a variety of "essentials"; the ever prepared and organized woman. In this case, you must have a small clutch filled with just the bare essentials (wallet, cell phone, keys). For that quick stop, just in and out, jam one of these little beauties in your ginormous duffel:

Clutch Purse

XL Frame Pouch w/ handle by Aki T.

Cream Puff Clutch by Lori Marie

Orla Kiely Tumblers Wallet at Flight 001

Jan Bag Wristlet by Bag One Bag Shop

Glossy Lavender Clutch Purse by Ellen of Bonspiel

Fiesta Wristlet by Hobo International at Sole and Blues

The experienced mommies know, in a pinch the perfect distraction can buy you a few more peaceful minutes of shopping (but just a few). The key is that the item(s) must be small enough to fit in your coat pocket or purse and easily accessible to nip temper tantrums in the bud, and fast. And when you don't come prepared you often end up having to fork out some dough and buy a distraction, so do yourself a favor and come armed...

Haba Baby Toys

I. Love. These. Not only are they colorful, simple and stimulating, but they are safe as well. Made in Europe using the highest standards of quality and vegetable based dyes. Some even have elastic strings to secure the toy to your shopping cart or stroller (no repetitive bend-and-pick-up-ing).

All of these great Haba baby toys are available from Oompa Toys

More to come...Check back next week.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

For the Love of PMC

I must admit, I am more than just a little jewelry obsessed. I can easily spend hours surfing the web in the pursuit of that next new perfect piece of wearable art metal to add to my collection.

My metal of choice? Silver. With stones, without stones, in abstract designs and representational shapes; I love it all. I briefly considered adding a link list comprised exclusively of some of my favorite jewelry designers but not only would such a list go on forever, it could take me all day to compile!

The problem is that sometimes I get so focused on an idea, or I see a piece that is oh, so almost perfect that I obsess about it. I have seriously lost sleep over the conception of the perfect piece jewelry that eludes me. So the solution suddenly came to me. What with all this time that I have on my hands (ha ha) why don't I learn to become a metalsmith?

I searched the web for classes. I mentally ran through the list of local favorites who might consider letting me apprentice, or at least teach me a thing or two for free. But in the end, it just didn't make sense.

But what's that? Did you say PMC?

That's right. A new fantastic medium. A clay that can be molded or shaped or cut or punched or enameled or textured by hand by even the most un-crafty novice. And when fired with a creme brulee torch it becomes FINE SILVER with an even higher silver content than sterling! No joke.

I am sure that a few educated and experienced metalsmithes even scoff at the idea of metal clay. I suppose it might seem like cheating to some. And it cannot be denied that often the results look distinctly amateurish. But believe it or not, I have discovered more than one PMC artist whose work is just that: art, and it would take an expert far more experienced than I to tell the difference.

The plans for my new project are in place. The layout for my new "studio" is being tweaked, I have been doing plenty of research and self-education, and I am saving my pennies to stock up on supplies. PMC jewelry is coming soon to KSH!

In the meantime, here is my ode to PMC. A selection of items by some of my favorite PMC artists for your enjoyment:

Cup of Tea necklace by Birdland Creations

The Lynne necklace by Monsoon Artisans

Fly me to the Moon pendant by Birdland Creations

By the Sea pendant by Jennifer Tough

Leaf Textured Rings by Silver Garden

Dear Rose... Pendant by Chocolate and Steel

Tree of Life pendant by Soul Harbor Jewelry

Early Budding Vine Bracelet by Pippit Carlington

And bonus, Antler necklaces by Fountainhead and Roadkill featured in "Horns Aplenty" below also made of fine silver!

In Various Stages of Completion

Why, oh why can't I get these things finished?! It's like knitters-block; I don't get it. And I fear that if I don't get these hot new designs posted soon, they will devolve into obsolescence.

Do you want these? Would you buy these? If so please comment and give me a reason to finish what I start!

Birdhouse Bag in blue needs a zipper

Neckvines in wine, forest and navy need flowers

Fiddlehead bag needs a toggle

Mustard pear needs to be stuffed, and is lonely

Cloche w/scalloped trim in cerulean needs to be finished

Horns Aplenty

A little slow to report on this trend; I know. All the same here are a few of my doe-eyed favorites.

Deer Antler Pendant by Fountainhead

Mod Cabin Clock from Nice

1950's Fawn from Anomaly Jewelry

Twinkle Living Deer Antlers Rug at Design Public

Alabaster Stag Head at Curiosity Shoppe (Sold out)

Mini Antler Necklace by Roadkill

Faux Antler Candelabra at Black Forest Decor

Just Added!

Links to other cool blogs and links to way cool online shops. Scroll DOWN, and see you later...much later.

In Today's Mail

Waiting for the mail to arrive is like waiting for Christmas day at our house, as I do the majority of my shopping these days for supplies and otherwise online.

I almost missed this one: I practically had to chase the delivery lady two houses down to sign for it...I simply could not wait. So here it is: the newest addition to my ever growing jewelry collection. A custom piece by Barney BeGuhl aka Joyful Crow.

Six legged spider pendant in sterling and 18k with an oval shaped deep purple sugilite cabochon. Stunning!

And...This gorgeous hand spun, hand dyed yarn from Folktale. I already have some ideas, but to sell or not to sell?


My obsessions too many and my passion so vast; I could no longer resist sharing my assorted projects and discoveries with the world. You're Welcome.