Thursday, January 24, 2008


Of all the uncommon, unique and unusual items to be found on etsy "edibles" seems the most unusual to me. I know that it isn't entirely unheard of to purchase items to eat on the web, but buying home baked goods through a handmade website seems a little risky to me.

That said, I have been DROOLING over the images and descriptions for Fat Daddy Bake Shop's goodies. With names like "Cookoo for Coconut" "PB and J Sammich" and "All that Jazzberry Strawberry" I don't know how much longer I can resist. And as you can imagine, the descriptions make these lovelies sound even more irresistible.

They are not cheap; at 6.50 a pop. So buying more than one would be taking a risk for me...What would you do? I would be interested to hear from others on your feelings about or experiences with buying "edibles/perishables" online.

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