Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm going to take a chance...

And bet that no one is even reading this anymore. So, it won't matter if I use this as a platform to vent my irritation with the fad of Super, Extremely Chunky, Over-the-top Knits. What gives??? Not only are they HIDEOUS, but insanely impractical. I would love to see someone try to eat a half pound cheeseburger with the works while sporting one of those monstrosities. You know, the ginormous cowls that are 4 times larger than the wearers head!

What kills me more than anything is that any one who knows how to cast-on and knit (basically a BEGINNER) could knit one of these fuglies, yet they are selling left and right at...like...$90 a pop! When there are people like me who hone their craft for YEARS and conceptualize new designs and execute them with skill, trial and error, and complicated algorithms and I can't get my dues?

I am THIS CLOSE to giving up! It would probably be for the better since I have two lovely boys, my greatest creations ever, who depend on me. The greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that whether or not I respond to the way they chew on toys or correctly identify objects can make them feel a thousand feet tall...

Ah, yes, the rest is sand in the jar.

If anyone is out there I would love your input. To quit or not to quit?