Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Eventless to Eventful

The past week was quite the roller coaster. I spent half the week away from home, hoping to determine if my cat has been the cause of almost a year's worth of constant allergies and sporadic results with antihistamines. After three days away, it was determined that yes, our beloved orange tabby is indeed the culprit...unless it is some rare mold or fungus that is specific only to our house. Alas, this week we must pack up our little tabby and send her off in the hopes that some other lucky family will someday soon adopt her and make her part of their family. She would be a most welcome addition to anyone without allergies.

I returned home only to endure 4 days of a migraine headache, 2 days of being unable to keep anything in my stomach, and eventually a trip to the ER for an IV. But alas, I have returned to normal. And thankfully so!

The Kielbasa Apple Pasta bake a couple of weeks ago was a smashing success at our house. Especially to DH who had a heaping plateful two nights in a row. Good thing, too, as the recipe yields enough to feed an army. This week I will be attempting Kung Pow Shrimp and finally breaking in the wok we received as a wedding gift more than 5 years ago. Hopefully, this won't be the last time it gets use around here! I will keep you posted...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Burning at Both Ends

I have both looms threaded. I am making up for lost time. Here are my current WIPs:

My first attempt at Overshot, and it appears to be a bit over-sized as well. Medallion pattern over grey and raspberry tabby.

Plain weave on my rigid heddle using some amazing handspun from

Monday, March 8, 2010

Still Here...

And perhaps this explains my lack of activity lately.

I am feeling a bit better these days and am hoping to have more FOs up soon! Additionally, as I have been feeling like a less-than-stellar mother and wife, I have decided that to make it up to them I will attempt one new recipe a week. No. Not Julia's. Just whatever I happen to stumble upon in one of my lady magazines that sounds yummy.

Keep your eyes peeled as I plan to keep you apprised of any that work out particularly well. To start this week: Kielbasa and Apple Pasta Bake.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knit. Not woven.

IMG_8678, originally uploaded by myfinn.

I did it! I finally got through a knitting project! The first since I finished DH's anniversary sweater (2 months late). Feather and fan lace scarf, triple wide and super long; striped in my favorite shades of Malabrigo merino worsted.

Wove in about a billion ends. Phew!

In other news, I recently became the proud owner of a fab, old Ashford spinning wheel! Hope to learn how to use it soon.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Ponchos!

IMG_8653, originally uploaded by myfinn.

It took me a while, but I finally finished Christmas gifts for my twin nieces. I insisted on making them something "a mano", but I simply cannot finish any knitting projects lately!

Woven, of course, in my favorite 32 Flavors. And wonder of wonders, they fit both my 17 mo and my 3 yo!

El Cielo

IMG_8618, originally uploaded by myfinn.

I am all about the sky blues lately. I absolutely love this one! Again, loosely handwoven in tabby on my rigid heddle. So soft!


IMG_8646, originally uploaded by myfinn.

Here it is! My first 20 dpi scarf, in my own handpainted lace weight yarn. It is so light and airy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Is anybody out there? Sorry it has been a while. I have been sort of sapped of creativity lately. I am trying, and trying and trying super-duper hard to get back into the knitting, but it seems that every time I start a new project I get about a 5th into it and come to a standstill. It is infuriating! But on the flip side, I have my weaving to turn to. And with two looms, I have been keeping those puppies quite busy lately.

I had a renaissance of sorts with the rigid heddle weaving. You just can't get as creative and you can't play with texture and color as easily on my Wolf Pup! In the pursuit of the perfect spring scarf I produced this:

And this:
Both are plain weave on my rigid heddle and hand fulled. The latter also has a ruffle edge that was made by removing about 7 or so warp ends from each selvage.

And just this afternoon I finished the finest cheesecloth of a scarf that I have ever made using my own handpainted lace weight. I just had to try out my new 20 dpi reed for the Wolf Pup that is (I think) as high as they go for this loom. I will get pics up once it is dry.

And next? I am hoping to finally use up a bunch of Fleece Artist yarn that I got about two years ago, on a cap-sleeve raglan pullover. And then, if I persevere through my project impatience, I have an idea to replicate this:
Seen at, only in a sleeveless version. Hmmmm......

Monday, January 4, 2010

Seafoam Hand-fulled Scarf

IMG_8456, originally uploaded by myfinn.

I was thinking about keeping this but I am not so sure...

It would make a great transitional scarf for spring. Lovely, pale colorway and lacey open weave to boot!

Wish me luck! I think I am going for a pixie cut tomorrow!! In the middle of winter-I'm nuts!