Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Is anybody out there? Sorry it has been a while. I have been sort of sapped of creativity lately. I am trying, and trying and trying super-duper hard to get back into the knitting, but it seems that every time I start a new project I get about a 5th into it and come to a standstill. It is infuriating! But on the flip side, I have my weaving to turn to. And with two looms, I have been keeping those puppies quite busy lately.

I had a renaissance of sorts with the rigid heddle weaving. You just can't get as creative and you can't play with texture and color as easily on my Wolf Pup! In the pursuit of the perfect spring scarf I produced this:

And this:
Both are plain weave on my rigid heddle and hand fulled. The latter also has a ruffle edge that was made by removing about 7 or so warp ends from each selvage.

And just this afternoon I finished the finest cheesecloth of a scarf that I have ever made using my own handpainted lace weight. I just had to try out my new 20 dpi reed for the Wolf Pup that is (I think) as high as they go for this loom. I will get pics up once it is dry.

And next? I am hoping to finally use up a bunch of Fleece Artist yarn that I got about two years ago, on a cap-sleeve raglan pullover. And then, if I persevere through my project impatience, I have an idea to replicate this:
Seen at Garnethill.com, only in a sleeveless version. Hmmmm......


Sleep Goblin said...

such a good idea with the ruffled edges. but do you think you really need to put in all 7 warps? i mean, couldn't you save some yarn and just skip holes? i haven't tried it, so not sure how consistently they would pull, though i suppose that's a tension issue that can be corrected with practice.

i love the open hole plaid idea too. i decided to take a break after christmas, but i'm about ready to jump back in to weaving.

The Myers Family said...

Good point! In my laziness I neglected to go into all the details. Initially, I had warped a floater at each end out about 4 dents for just this purpose, but during the weaving process, because I was weaving it so loose, it seemed that no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, it all drew in together. And when the finished scarf was fulled, pulling just the floaters out wasn't enough to create the look I was going for, so I had to pull more.