Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Eventless to Eventful

The past week was quite the roller coaster. I spent half the week away from home, hoping to determine if my cat has been the cause of almost a year's worth of constant allergies and sporadic results with antihistamines. After three days away, it was determined that yes, our beloved orange tabby is indeed the culprit...unless it is some rare mold or fungus that is specific only to our house. Alas, this week we must pack up our little tabby and send her off in the hopes that some other lucky family will someday soon adopt her and make her part of their family. She would be a most welcome addition to anyone without allergies.

I returned home only to endure 4 days of a migraine headache, 2 days of being unable to keep anything in my stomach, and eventually a trip to the ER for an IV. But alas, I have returned to normal. And thankfully so!

The Kielbasa Apple Pasta bake a couple of weeks ago was a smashing success at our house. Especially to DH who had a heaping plateful two nights in a row. Good thing, too, as the recipe yields enough to feed an army. This week I will be attempting Kung Pow Shrimp and finally breaking in the wok we received as a wedding gift more than 5 years ago. Hopefully, this won't be the last time it gets use around here! I will keep you posted...

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