Friday, January 11, 2008

Mommy Gear Part I

Although I have limited experience as a mom, the past year and four months have taught me about the importance of being prepared for any situation while having zero expectations at the same time. Being a mom on the go is kind of like surviving the wild with a pack on your back. You need to learn to be bold, shameless and adaptable.

But who says that you have to look like you're surviving the wild?

Here are a few excellent Mommy Gear finds for your perusal:

Diaper Bags

DwellStudio Baby Diaper Tote in Charlotte from Design Public

Serendipity bag by 2 Red Hens

Diaper Backpack in UFO by Jane Marvel

The Ultimate Diaper Bag by Posh Baby

Fleurville Yellow Seedpod Escape Pod (For the minimalist) at

Now if you are like me, you never really got over your college days where everyone sported an overstuffed backpack. You most likely tote around an over-sized diaper bag filled with a variety of "essentials"; the ever prepared and organized woman. In this case, you must have a small clutch filled with just the bare essentials (wallet, cell phone, keys). For that quick stop, just in and out, jam one of these little beauties in your ginormous duffel:

Clutch Purse

XL Frame Pouch w/ handle by Aki T.

Cream Puff Clutch by Lori Marie

Orla Kiely Tumblers Wallet at Flight 001

Jan Bag Wristlet by Bag One Bag Shop

Glossy Lavender Clutch Purse by Ellen of Bonspiel

Fiesta Wristlet by Hobo International at Sole and Blues

The experienced mommies know, in a pinch the perfect distraction can buy you a few more peaceful minutes of shopping (but just a few). The key is that the item(s) must be small enough to fit in your coat pocket or purse and easily accessible to nip temper tantrums in the bud, and fast. And when you don't come prepared you often end up having to fork out some dough and buy a distraction, so do yourself a favor and come armed...

Haba Baby Toys

I. Love. These. Not only are they colorful, simple and stimulating, but they are safe as well. Made in Europe using the highest standards of quality and vegetable based dyes. Some even have elastic strings to secure the toy to your shopping cart or stroller (no repetitive bend-and-pick-up-ing).

All of these great Haba baby toys are available from Oompa Toys

More to come...Check back next week.

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The Schwenzen's said...

These toys are SO cool! I just created a wishlist for Mike's family for birthday ideas for Hadley. Finally, something safe that isn't made in China!!!! Thanks!