Thursday, February 7, 2008

MG Part II

So here it is: Still at a loss as to what else constitutes universal Mommy Gear (aside from aspirin and ziploc bags) here are your nursing cover-ups.

Although there is some controversy over the name "Hooter Hiders," I actually own and have used this cover-up by Bebe au Lait. Stylish, affordable and available in a variety of colorful patterns, in cotton, silk, or organic linen. But I must admit that it doesn't breathe all that well in warmer weather and is a bit, shall we say, flimsy in the breeze...still works, though. ($35-42)

This one is seriously called the Slurp & Burp! Double-layered and appears to be a bit less cumbersome and perhaps more secure than the "Hooter Hiders". ($36)

This Hot Sling baby carrier is not technically a nursing cover-up, but it can double as one if used to carry a very small baby, and of course with the appropriate nursing apparel. Again, this product is one that I both own and have used. It is very easy and comfortable, but alas my son never took to it. Available in a number of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Even in reversible and organic hemp styles. ($48-60).

And lastly, for those of you who are committed to supporting handmade, I found this custom nursing cover from etsy seller Lollipopdesigns. It appears to be based on more or less the same sort of design as the "Hooter Hiders." Again, a variety of fabrics are available to choose from. ($19.99)

Did I miss your favorite style or brand? Tell me about it; leave a comment.

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