Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Valentine

So I am taking so long to tell you about this because A) I wanted to try at least a few first and B) I wanted to be sure that no bout of food-borne illness resulted from this gift.

When my husband said "Buy yourself something nice from etsy for Valentines Day" I was (believe it or not) at a loss. That is, until I remembered that I had had a hankerin' for these cupcakes! The lot of 6 contained: Cookoo for Coconut, All that Jazzberry, Meet me at the Coconut Cabana, Berry Berry Dark, and Fat Daddy's Favorite PB&J Sammich.

I only have two left, and so far Berry Berry Dark and Cookoo for Coconut are my favorites. They are super-duper rich, these cupcakes aren't for someone who is looking for light and fluffy sweetness. These are dense, bold, thick, and well, rich!

Kudos to Nicole of Fat Daddy Bake Shop. You bake a mean cupcake, girl!

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