Monday, November 2, 2009

Barter or Trade, Give and Get

Because there is no greater pleasure than giving someone the guilt-free thrill of owning and using something that I made with my own two hands. And because there isn't a whole lot one can "buy" with a bucket full of handwoven scarves, my new shop announcement reads:

Dos Palomas is committed to making this upcoming holiday season as affordable and accessible to everyone as possible in this challenging economy.

So, name your price! Or better still name your currency. Are you a talented baker? Do you make adorable baby clothes or fab jewelry? Nothing ventured, nothing gained...


Sleep Goblin said...

That is such a wonderful idea!!!

Melissa (author) said...

It bums me out a bit that etsy doesn't have a more formal system for trading and bartering. I often contact sellers about trades, and I take no offense to those who don't, but you wouldn't believe how many are willing to swap. Nearly half of those that I contact!

And I am always a bit baffled when I encounter a shop that states "no trades" because, come on? What if the seller of that thing you have been coveting is willing to give it to you in exchange for that thing that is just taking up space in your studio?