Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New 4 Shaft Projects

Here they are! My very first Wolf Pup project was the blue/purple diamond twill scarf. The yarn is a pima cotton and tencel blend that has a fantastic drape and sheen. I discovered a few pattern flaws here and there, but hey! It was my first project; I think I am allowed ;). So, obviously I am keeping this one for myself.

And then I was dying to try 32 Flavors in a pattern, so I found this undulating twill pattern in my Handweaver's Pattern Directory. I decided to reverse direction about halfway through, just to see what happens, and holey moley! I ended up with a set of eyes (first, second and "third") in the middle. I think I will call this one "Lucky Stripes".

Inspired by the spontaneous development in this pattern, I threaded up another sticking more or less with twill threading and played around until I found a design I liked. That one is in-progress, but I will post as soon as it is finished.

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Anonymous said...

wow! nice new work, Melissa! I am loving the textures and patterning. so beautiful!