Friday, July 31, 2009

What Have We Here?

Oooooh! What are these? Why, they are lovely, victorian-inspired collars. How clever! Indeed. For why would one sport a scarf like a mere peasant when you could adorn your neck with one of these beauties. And nothing says high fashion like a limp silk bow!

One hand knit in a dark olive green with a scalloped trim and a hand-dyed olive and violet silk ribbon. The othr hand knit in a variegated tan with a petal edge and a hand-dyed royal blue and purple ribbon.

If you want one, please comment below and mention which you prefer. I will draw the winner(s) in one week!


katiebot5000 said...

Does this require me putting my hair in a nice tight bun on top of my head? I've never seen anything like these before and they are awesome! I love the olive green one :D

KnittinKninja said...

Beautiful Melissa! I especially love the scalloping on the olive green one. :)