Thursday, July 9, 2009

Completing new projects

IMG_5982, originally uploaded by myfinn.

This has been a terrible week. We decided to Ferberize our youngest and it is not going as smoothly as we had hoped. Add that to my slow transition from vacation mode to normal, and I am shocked that I have actually finished something! As evidence of my lack of energy and creativity: this project shall be called "Unnamed" until further notice.

Handwoven scarf in a slow-transitioning colorway (Noro Silk Garden) of brown, purples, mint and turquoise. All of which are my favorite colors. The warp threads are an Alpaca twist in white and charcoal and give it a printed or twill look. Overall, I am pleased with the outcome. The only real downside is that as light and airy as this scarf is, it is not for those with sensitive skin. She's a little scratchy.

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