Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back into Knit

Don't fret! I haven't given up weaving. As a matter of fact I still have a project threaded upon my loom as I type this and am awaiting some gorgeous handspun yarn to start yet another.

I do this from time to time...That is go through these phases where I want to make nothing but garment after garment after garment. Click here to see what I produced on the tail end of my last garment streak. And there are even more further back in the archives.

Right now I am working on cloning a batwing cape thingy that I discovered on etsy some time back by Keep and Share (see picture below). The prototype that I started this afternoon is in a deep forest green yarn from my stash. We'll see how it turns out. It will likely be frogged, kept or given away!

Click photo for original source

And the other item that I am working on is this pattern here by Perl Grey. This is not the first time that I have purchased a kit from Perl Grey. Sadly, the last time I never got around to completing the project and am still in possession of the yarn!

Project by Seaview found on Ravelry

Here's to hoping that this time I actually follow through! Mine will be in a lovely raspberry colorway (slightly more pink than the one pictured).


Amy Twigger Holroyd said...

Hi Melissa,
Glad to hear you like the Keep & Share Amaranta Cape! Nice shape, huh?
Just thought I would let you and your readers know that I have designed a hand-knit version of the cape, available in kit form (complete with Keep & Share recycled Offcuts Yarn) or pattern only, at

Melissa (author) said...

Fantastic shape indeed! Perhaps next time I will use the kit...sure Keep & Share offcuts is much nicer than Lion Brand!