Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lulu or Mia?

Last time I got my hair cut I went with the asymmetrical bob-thingy and it has suited me well. Now next week I see the stylist again and I am itching to go super short for summer. Which, when faced with the choice of these two style icons, would you prefer? I personally have always had a thing for the flapper bob, but I did the pixie two summers ago and found that it suited me well, too.


Melissa 11/07

Please comment...I get my haircut next week!


kleerphoto said...

I personally like the Lulu. I've always liked the short little bangs. This is a style I could never pull off due to 1) larger forehead & 2) Two lovely cowlicks, located on each side of my forehead. There is my two cents. The Lulu.

The Schwenzen's said...

I vote for Mia!

katiebot5000 said...

LuLu please :D

Joe Myers & George Reister said...

I like Mia.