Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Materni-Me, Me, Me!

So I am 14 weeks pregnant with my second child. Luckily, I am about a month earlier to the due date of my first, so I have a lot of clothes that I can use again. However, this being my second pregnancy I started showing almost immediately, so it appears that I need more winter-spring transitional pieces this time than I did last.

Searching for cute affordable maternity clothes either in stores or online is practically impossible. You are faced with either cheap ugly things, boring simple things, or lovely, gorgeous, unique pieces that cost more for one item than your entire wardrobe. I have had a little bit of luck with sale items from Lauren Kiyomi, and Old Navy is perfect for everyday tees, tanks and jeans, but I still cannot locate that perfect maternity brand that fashions beautiful, affordable, and special items for expecting mommies.

At my wits-end , I decided to take matters into my own hands; literally. I have been working away the past few weeks knitting my own original, custom designed transitional maternity pieces JUST FOR ME! (And I haven't made a thing to sell.) Whenever I design garments I almost always work off of an ancient top-down raglan sweater pattern using it as a guide for shape and sizing. Plus: No seaming, no sewn in sleeves; yay! Please forgive the photos that I had to take of myself. Also please bear in mind that this is not necessarily the context under which I would wear these pieces.

The first is a puffed, capped-sleeve bolero in this fabulous pine green:

Second is this slightly cropped one-button (button yet to be added) cardigan with 3/4 kimono sleeves:

And finally, the bottom edge of what is sure to be the most fabulous maternity baby doll/tunic ever. I promise to share as soon as it is finished. Both the baby doll and cardigan above were knitted using Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton; my most favorite yarn for garments.

Enjoy! And if you just have to have one or more for yourself, I might be willing to take commissions...

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